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Sunday Sevens is a series of weekly posts with seven-ish pictures from our week.  See Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for more info and please feel free to join us if you’d like to.

Running a little late this week–low on inspiration today after a week of ups and downs.

My mother’s quite elderly cat died recently, so my sister and I have been helping her (my mother, not the late cat) get estimates to have most of the carpet in her house replaced (yes, the late cat was one of those).

This process is exactly as enjoyable as used-car shopping; you have literally no idea what the hell you’re doing, and you’re pretty sure you’re getting screwed, but you feel powerless to prevent it.  :S


I spent some time this week finishing up the prep for my class at SCRAP Tri-Cities scheduled for Thursday–made kits for the students, wrote up a handout in case we weren’t able to finish during the class time, prepped demonstration materials, etc.


Thursday afternoon came, I loaded up the car with all my gear, and I headed down there.

And nobody showed up to take the class.


I was determined not to let it bring me down, though, so I stayed until closing, pricing stamps and chatting with Rachael and another volunteer.  It wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had, but I’m proud of myself for not letting it put me into a depressed funk.


Friday afternoon was spent working on my honey’s birthday present.  Almost finished and I’m really liking it.  Here’s a sneak preview:


On Saturday, I hauled my butt out again to another MeetUp, this time a walk on Bateman Island.  Met some nice folks, got in a good 1 1/2 hour walk, and spent time outside on an almost-summery day.

This is the entrance.  As you can see, it’s more of a peninsula than an island.




Me actually going out to do things ALONE WITH A BUNCH OF STRANGERS is another huge step forward, so I’m proud of that, too.


And we close with a little carby goodness, one of the loaves of Honey Wheat Bread I made on Sunday.  I subbed oats for some of the white flour in these, so there’s lots of good stuff in there.


All fueled up for another brave week.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  😉

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope you’re able to move a bit forward toward your goals.