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Sunday Sevens is where we post seven-or-so pictures of anything interesting that happened to us that week.  See Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for more info and please feel free to join us, every week or when the spirit moves you.

The weather was beautiful this week; oh please, fall, hang on a little longer?

I took a walk in Chiawana Park early this week and had to take a picture of that big lovely sky.


And I found a secret path at the end of the park that I’d never noticed before!


I need to get back there soon and see where that goes.

It always feels like the real end of summer when you pick the last of the tomatoes and basil.


Caught this one in the act.

She likes to hang off the windowsill and grab things out of my box of current projects.


On Saturday, my honey was in Oregon for a bike ride, and I was determined to NOT sit at home and mope, so I went out for a hike with a MeetUp group.  This is a place I hadn’t been to before, the Yakima Delta Wildlife Nature Area.

Great place to get lost in.  Nobody there but the MeetUp group and some LARPers.  Now, I have been known to snicker a bit about LARPing, but these folks were very gracious and let me pester them with questions about their costumes, which were seriously great.  NO IDEA who they were supposed to be, but the workmanship was fabulous.


Then I came home and made myself some Cleaning Out the Fridge Nachos:  leftover refried beans, spicy lentils, the last of the smoked sausage and pepper jack cheese from last weekend’s potluck, and some chopped tomato, onion, mushrooms, and avocado.


Today was spent prepping for the class I’m teaching this coming Thursday at SCRAP Tri-Cities.

I realized the other day that I’ve been holding onto my beloved Laurel Burch fabrics with both hands and haven’t actually MADE anything with them for forever.  So I have them, and I love them, but I don’t actually get to enjoy them because they’re stashed in the closet all the time!

So I pulled them out to make another sample of the rice-filled hot/cold bag; this piece will be the front.


And a bonus picture of the cats this morning with their pot of grass.


Have a great week, everybody.