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Busy week here, but I wasn’t as great as I could have been at taking pictures of what I was doing, unfortunately.

I made a couple of little fabric bins, one for thread and one for pin cushions and my bobbin box (tutorial here).  I used some of my Mary Engelbreit sewing-themed fabric from SCRAP Tri-Cities.


These should have been quicker and easier than they were, but I had to piece my fabrics to get them big enough for the bins and then the heavyweight craft interfacing I used turned out to be a real pain to work with.  (For example, no matter how I pressed it, I only managed to get it to fuse to my press cloth, never the actual fabric.)  I think I would have been better off using a lighter interfacing and applying it to both the fabric and the lining.

I’ll have to see if I have enough fabric for one more of these, as I could use another for all my purse hardware.  They were a hassle to make, but I do love them and they’re such an improvement over the old shoe box I was using before.

I took a walk with my mother this week to Zintel Canyon Park in Kennewick.  Normally we take the paved trail, but this time it was under water, so we took the rougher trail.  Much more photogenic.




On Saturday, my partner and his buddies did a 200k bike ride, then everybody came back to our house for a potluck dinner.  I’ve been to WAY too many potlucks with 12 plates of cookies and no main dishes, so to avoid that I made carnitas and some appetizers, and we asked folks to bring sides and desserts.

This is quite the carnivorous crowd, though, so we wound up with ONE container of cookies, THREE meaty main dishes, AND a meaty appetizer.  We had a great time, though, and all ate well.  Pooh even decided at one point that he’s no longer shy around people; he strolled out to the living room and plopped down on his back for tummy rubs and general admiration (that all ended when somebody picked him up, though–NOPE, he wasn’t having that).

And I was so busy being the host that I forgot to take any pictures of the evening.  😦

Here’s a picture of the aftermath, though, and all the leftovers I’m going to be eating this week.  I think the pork might make an appearance in chimichangas in a few days, and the leftover corn tortillas will have to go into chilaquiles at some point . . . .


I’ve also been working on my shark pencil / glasses case.  The zipper could use some work . . . I think I’ll set this aside until tomorrow, then tackle it again.  The instructions on the zipper installation are less than great.


The plan for next week is to start work on my honey’s birthday present.  I’ve been putting a plan together in my head for what I want to do and I’ve got my supplies and a month to make it.  He’ll be in Oregon next weekend for another cycling event, so a lot of progress might be made then.

I’m so glad that he has a hobby that keeps him moving and gets him together with all these great people.  But I do sometimes wish he was super passionate about, say, knitting, and we could sit together and work on our projects rather than him being off on his bike for 12 hours at a time.  Sigh.

Anyway, have a great week everybody.