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Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series in which we post seven-or-so pictures from our week and give our online friends a little peek into what we’re up to.  Please feel free to join us–every week or whenever the mood strikes.  Seven pictures, three pictures, ten pictures–whatever.  😉  See Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for more info.

Was a bit more productive this week, I’m happy to say, and exercised a bit more, always a good thing.

On Tuesday, I took a walk along the Columbia starting at Wade Park in Pasco.  Not sure what island that is there . . . .


I always take (and post) pictures of GREEN wherever I find it, but this is pretty much what eastern Washington looks like in late summer:


Nice haul from the fruit stand this week, including zucchini, red and yellow onions, a butternut squash, and a box of tomatoes.

Some of the tomatoes will go into recipes this week–the ones I save for tomato season–and the rest will be chopped up and frozen.  We have a massive freezer, but little storage space, so it makes more sense for me to freeze them than to can them.


My mother went through her fabric and gave me some cast-offs.  Some of these will go to SCRAP, but I’m definitely hanging on to that swirly rayon challis in the middle of the pile there and the stripey knit on top.


More home improvement–made a valance for this (formerly very bare and quite sad) little window in the bathroom.  Please forgive the terrible lighting and weird color here; it was the best I could do.  The fabric is the same one I used for the tote bag I made recently; the lining is from an old blue rayon shift dress (loved the fabric, but it wasn’t sturdy enough for clothing and kept developing holes at stress points).

I had a brain cramp while cutting this out and put the wrong edge of the pattern on the fold, leaving me with a valance with a long center and short sides.


After a few deep breaths and some swearing, I decided to slit the fold and just put a seam in the middle.  Not ideal, but good enough.  And I have to say I’m loving all the color in this window now.


I did the embroidery for my fourth Cozy Afternoon block; hoping to finish the block today, just in time for the next one coming tomorrow.

Is this cute or what?


I’m also planning to cut out my Greenstyle Laurel today, as the Greenstyle Facebook group is having a contest.  I’ve been agonizing over sizing on this, but I just need to dive in–what I’m making is supposed to be a muslin, anyway.

Have a crafty week, everybody!