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Sunday Sevens is a weekly feature in which we post seven-or-so pictures of our week and chat about what we’ve been up to.  See Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for more info and join us if you’d like–it’s fun!

Sadly, no outdoorsy pictures this week.  😦

I REALLY want to get outside and walk but the air quality here is very bad because of all the fires raging throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Between that and my usual fall allergies, it seems wiser–though a lot less fun–to exercise inside for a while.

This handsome boy went back to the vet this week for a recheck after having a dental cleaning and some tooth extractions.  She tells me he’s healing up really well and also, everybody in the office loves him and his sweet personality.

Of course.  🙂


Because I appear to be unable to resist the lure of a sew-along these days, I’ve decided to finish this UFO for Summer Crush Week of the Sew Long Summer Sew Along.  This UFO is at least 10 years old.  😛


Also in the works, another embroidery project.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this–maybe frame it?–but the comforting themes in it are drawing me in.  I’m applying for jobs and thinking about the future and just generally feeling rather unsettled; the quiet, slow embroidery helps with that.


Birthday present from my sister that’s now brightening up my tomato planter.


Had a moment of inspiration regarding this rather frumpy knit fabric:  a (hopefully) wearable muslin of the Greenstyle Laurel Dress!  The fabric was obtained through Freecycle and it’s really nice quality, though I’m not crazy about the grandma’s-couch type design, so perfect for a muslin.  Setting that aside for a bit later in the fall.


I talked to Rachael and Chrissa at SCRAP Tri-Cities this week and we finalized plans for me to teach a class on October 8.  We’ll be making this rice-filled foot warmer:


I’ve taught psychology classes in the past, but never something like this, so I’m taking a CreativeLive class this week on how to do it.

The National Weather Service warnings on my phone are getting increasingly hysterical.


Don’t worry, NWS–this is August in eastern Washington and we’re used to it.  Crops are getting harvested and it’s dry, so the usual wind is kicking up some dust.  Forecast predicts some rain today–first rain in a LONG time–so conditions may improve soon.

Have a great week, everybody.