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Will you just LOOK at this fun, colorful thing?!?

Tried a new type of quilting this week and I LOVE IT.

This is called a Ticker Tape Quilt, which I first discovered earlier this summer over here. I have been longing to make a Bottled Rainbow quilt since then, and have been collecting scraps like crazy.  I’m nowhere near having enough for that, but I thought I’d at least try the technique and see if I couldn’t make a little wall quilt for my sewing room.


SO MANY things about this type of quilt that are great —

—  Finally a way to use up your smallest scraps that isn’t super-tedious and time-consuming.  Yes, you can spend the rest of your life cutting 2-inch squares and piecing them together, but this is a lot more fun and you’ll actually live to see it finished.

—  This is done Quilt-As-You-Go, so no quilt wrestling.  I sandwiched together my white fabric (which is actually two triangles of leftover fabric sewed together to make a square), a layer of batting (also pieced by butting the edges and sewing with a wide zigzag stitch), and my backing fabric.  Then I zigzagged around each applique and that was it — applique and quilting in one step.

Picture of the back (this happy-bug fabric is from SCRAP):


— This is quilting for the non-anal-retentive.  One of the reasons that I go back and forth between quilting and other craft projects is that I get SO tired of the super precision that traditional quilting requires:  cutting EXACTLY right, sewing EXACTLY 1/4″ seams, getting the grain EXACTLY right, etc.  In contrast, ticker tape quilts are much more relaxed.  You move pieces around until you like the way they look, trim them if you want, maybe add a couple of fussy-cut pieces if you like –whatever.  The size can be whatever you want it to be with no math to work out.  Mine is about 17″ square, simply because that was the size of my white background fabric.


In short:  easy, fast, and fun!  The only problem I ran into was securely attaching my appliques so that they wouldn’t shift around.  I tried the glue stick suggestion, but pieces of fabric started falling off almost as soon as I started zigzagging.  Pins weren’t secure enough, either.  What worked was good old Tacky Glue; I used tiny dots of it all over the appliques, pressed them into place, let dry, then finished quilting with zero problems.

I foresee this becoming a future class at SCRAP Tri-Cities.  Also making a fabric bin to contain my scraps, which are currently overflowing a plastic kitchen storage container.