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(See the lovely and talented Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for the complete run-down on Sunday Sevens.  And join us–it’s fun!)

Since I skipped last week, I’m just going to include the best pictures of the best stuff from the last two weeks.

Best stuff:  PASTRY, MOSS, and SEWING.

Many people that my honey and I know were in France the last few weeks doing the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k bike ride (PBP).

So one of our buddies in Portland organized a potluck and 100k bike ride called Tiny PBP for her cyclist friends that didn’t go to France.  The “PBP” here meaning “Portland-Boring-Portland.”  (Yes, there is a town in Oregon named Boring.  I can’t vouch for its boringness, never having been there.  Or maybe I have and just don’t remember due to the excessive boring?)

Said buddy made these awesome treats for the potluck:  macarons, fruit tart, and a pastry called a Paris-Brest (yes, actually named after the ride).


While all these bikey people were off doing their thing, I explored Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Beaverton.


Really amazing and beautiful park–man, Oregon does great parks!–with both paved and rougher trails, so accessible to everybody.

This is actually the root structure of a fallen tree.  I couldn’t get far enough away in the narrow trail to get the whole thing in a picture, but I think it’s more interesting this way, anyway.


I also went to Greenway Park, also in Beaverton.  I had just about given up hope of ever finding it, when suddenly there it was.  Seriously, Google navigation, not a lot of parks are located in corporate employee parking lots.  :/

Interesting bit of public art here.  (It’s a poem by Ronald Talney, but I can’t remember the whole thing and Google isn’t telling.  Harrumph.)


We took the scenic highway on the way home, hoping Multnomah Falls would be less packed with tourists than usual, but no luck there.

Vista House was better than usual, though (when I’ve been by here before, there hasn’t been any room to park, much less take a picture like this).


The view from the parking lot, looking down on the Columbia Gorge:


Back home, I worked all week on a new tote bag.  I don’t really need a new tote bag (QUITE AN UNDERSTATEMENT THERE), but it looked interesting and there was a sew-along.  Not sure how I’ll use this, but I do love the fabric combination.


And I spent the weekend putting together some samples for the class on scrap fabric projects that I’m going to teach at SCRAP Tri-Cities.  This was really just a way to get my butt moving on making some small things that I’ve been falling in love with and bookmarking and not actually making.  (Links to these projects are on the Resources page near the bottom.)

This is a little quilted fabric box.  I’m having lots of Christmas ideas involving these boxes and homemade treats . . . this year I am NOT going to be finishing presents at 11:00 p.m. on Christmas eve!


And this is a rice-filled foot warmer (or it will be when I get some rice).  Made with almost all flannels!  I am going to enjoy the HELL out of this when winter comes.  It occurs to me that I could really use some matching hand warmers . . . .


And I don’t EVEN understand it, but I seem to be on some weird pink binge lately.  Bright pink just seems so appropriate for hot summer days, doesn’t it?

I can feel fall coming, though.  It was 47F here this morning and a few of the trees are starting to change color, so it’s coming.  Hopefully, we’ll have a little more hot pink weather before then.

Have a great week, everybody.