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Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series in which we share some photos from our week and give a little peek into what we’ve been up to–see Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for more and please feel free to join us!

Lots of nature pics for you today!

My mother and I took a walk in Columbia Park this week and, as usual, the squirrels came out to ask for treats.


Plenty of noisy geese, as well; there seemed to be some sort of slow-motion turf war going on while we were there.  The dark-colored one in the middle here had all kinds of complaints that needed to be shared with the rest of the group.


I finally got the baby quilt and bag in the mail, and was eager to get back to my quilt blocks.  The center of this is called “Colorado Beauty.”


Another finally:  I’ve got this stash of watches with dead batteries, and I finally got them running again.


Including this one, which the three stores I’ve taken it to over the years couldn’t figure out how to open!


On Saturday, my partner and two friends set off on their bikes on a one-way ride to Grand Coulee Dam 239 kilometers away.

I drove there in the car, stopping at Steamboat Rock State Park on the way.


Some pretty spectacular scenery out there and few people.


(And freeways.  Say what you want about the U.S., we do damn good freeways.)

And here’s the dam:


Pictures just don’t convey the scale of this thing–it’s a mile long and just massive.  Many more pictures of the trip will go up on Flickr shortly.

The Grand Coulee Dam was initially built as part of the New Deal public works projects during the FDR administration, then enlarged later.  It helps to provide electricity and irrigation water for agriculture to eastern WA, though it’s also controversial for the effect it has had on the native peoples and wildlife here.

The cyclists finished their ride in about 12 hours, then we all got together for a nice dinner and to watch the laser show they do on the face of the dam every evening.  (I’ll have to see if there are any good videos of the show on YouTube; we really couldn’t see the graphics very well from the “viewing area” where we were sitting, which was a bit disappointing.)

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope you have some blue sky where you are.