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Sunday Sevens is a blog series in which we share seven-ish pictures from our week.  Thank you, Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for getting it started!

Busy week here, but I made some progress on my projects, so it was a good one.

I finally got around to finishing up sorting out my scrap fabric drawers.  The bins with my main stash are still pretty messy, but at least I’ve got the scraps tidied up so that I can work on some stash-busting projects.



I’ve been doing some yoga lately to try to reduce the chronic tension that I seem to store up in my upper back and THE CATS ARE LOVING IT.  I regularly have to watch out for this little beastie, who loves her yoga.  (That’s my mat she’s beating up there.)


The neck and back routine I’ve been doing is here, and it has been helpful.  And, for those of us that are allergic to the woo that often accompanies yoga, the video is refreshingly woo-free.  😉

By Wednesday, I hadn’t done any crafting in several days and I was getting a little desperate for a fix.  So I put everything else aside and made the second block on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.  That Card Trick block in the center was a bit of a brain teaser, but this tutorial was really helpful.


Strange things sometimes come in the mail when you live with a bike geek.


Saturday craft projects:  quilting and wheel building.


That fabric there became this, the third block of the RSC quilt.

Well, sort of.  I tried to make the center block (Marley) twice and just could NOT get it to work with the rather minimal instructions given.  Couldn’t find a good tutorial, either, so I did this one instead.


I’m subbing another block for the fourth one, too.

And it is officially too damn hot here.


The official high here on Saturday was 111F, which I’m fairly certain is the same temp as the surface of the sun.

Felt that way, anyway.

And we’ve got at least a week of over-100 days coming up.