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(Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series of seven-or-so pics from your week; it’s the brainchild of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.)

Something of a roller coaster week here!

On Monday, Pooh had to go back to the vet and she discovered that what we had both thought was an eye problem was actually a tooth root abscess.  She operated on him that morning and I was able to bring him home in the afternoon.  I will spare you a close-up, but he looked pretty rough.  😦


As you can see from the picture, though, he started to feel better immediately and has continued to improve all week.

The first two blocks of the Cozy Afternoon Quilt were e-mailed out and I cut my fabrics for all 5 blocks on Tuesday.


Yep, that’s Shelby inspecting my work there.  Any time there’s anything fabric-related happening, Shelby is there.

I finished my tote bag, though it actually looks a bit unfinished to me . . . I’m planning to add a few beads to it as soon as I figure out how to attach them.


On Thursday, Pooh had to go back to the vet to have the drain removed from his cheek (yeah, I know, sorry) and she said he’s healing well and gained 1 1/2 oz. since Monday!

(I’m cheating a bit here because I took this pic today, but trust me, you really don’t want to see how he looked last week.)


On Friday afternoon, my partner and I loaded up all our camping gear and headed to Lake Easton State Park to meet some friends.

Here’s our tent all set up at the campsite:


I know, right?

This place is seriously amazing.

On Saturday, partner and his friends headed off to cycle the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (north toward Snoqualmie Pass), while I stayed in the park and tried out the hiking trails.


(If you’ve seen Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure, these woods may look familiar to you; both series were filmed near here.)


(More pics will be up on Flickr shortly.)

This was my first time camping, and it was fun!  Me being me, I was of course worried that I’d forget some essential thing, or we’d run out of food or something, but everything went well.

I’m so used to cooking for two that I’m never sure how much to make for larger groups, so I went with my general policy of “cook way too much of something you like, so that you won’t mind eating the leftovers for a week.”  We wound up with less than one serving of chili (and ONE cookie) left over, so I guess “way too much” was the right amount.  😉

On Sunday afternoon, we packed everything up, and partner and friends headed out on their bikes again; I drove the van to Cle Elum, where I met them for lunch, then my honey and I headed home.

Have a great week everybody, and get outside if you can.