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Sunday Sevens is a weekly series of seven-or-so pictures of what happened in our lives that week and is the brainchild of Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.

On Monday, I made the first block of my scrappy quilt (officially, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015).  This is SO VERY WONKY.


I’m so out of practice with quilt piecing!  I totally love my first wonky block, though.

Tuesday was another walk with my mother, this time to Columbia Park in Kennewick.  Squirrels!


On Wednesday, I had to take Pooh in to see the vet about some sort of eye problem.  He was just kinda grumpy about it, but the Mama Bear was a complete nervous wreck.

Haven’t seen much of him since then because he’s been hiding from the scary lady with the tube of eye medicine.


Thursday was another walk day at Zintel Canyon Park.



I finished two more bags for SCRAP this week; here’s the one I actually remembered to take pictures of:


(The quilt block is a freebie from Craftsy.)

Back of the bag:


Inside of the bag (the quilt block produced 8 extra squares, which became pockets):


Partner and I are going car camping next weekend.  First time for me; he’s done a lot of camping, but always hauled everything behind a bike.  So there’s been much amassing and testing of gear this week, with the result that my living room looks like this:


Not shown:  tent, air mattress, coolers, sleeping bags, etc., etc.

I cut out my tote bag yesterday, as I’m hoping to use it this coming weekend.  Love that fabric!


Yep, Sunday Nines this week.  😉

Another busy week coming up–Pooh goes back to the vet Monday morning, then partner has his appointment with the specialist a few hours later.  I hope we can get our little family on the way to better health!

Have a great week, everybody, and take good care of yourselves and those you love.