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Hello again!  Busy week here, and a productive one, too, so I felt good about it.

Summer is definitely here (near 100F today!), so time to switch to summer main-dish salads.  I initially tried this recipe because I couldn’t imagine how the flavors would work together, but they totally do.  It’s one of our favorites.

This time I used spinach, carrot, red onion, grapes, and chopped apple.


My mother was quite adamant that we were to go on TWO WALKS this week, rather than, say, one walk and one trip to the grocery store.  This from a woman who was quite unhappy when I first started dragging her out for these walks by the river because she wanted to go to the mall instead.  (Sometimes I suspect I am adopted and she’s been lying to me all these years.)

This is Bateman Island from Tuesday’s walk.


On Wednesday, I finished up a yet-to-be-blogged blouse (the version on the bottom right here).  Not quite sure about this one.


Thursday’s walk was to Clover Island.  The big thing casting the shadow on the left is the lighthouse, but I liked this angle better than yet another boring lighthouse shot.


I’ve been trying not to take on too many projects at once, but I just couldn’t get this scrap quilt out of my head.  I kept going back and looking at it and thinking how pretty it would be if made with my scraps . . . I finally just decided to do it.

I had hoped to get the first block done this weekend–I’m starting late so I have some catching up to do–but this is as far as I’ve gotten:


I did, however, decide to get serious about organizing my scraps so that I can ACTUALLY FIND THINGS.  So I went through my scrap drawers and sorted them out and they look SO LOVELY now.


And my projects have their own little project bags:


This coming week, I’m planning more organizing, more walking, and more sewing.