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So, if you’ve been following along at home, you may recall that I’m looking for ways to decrease my fabric scrap stash.  I’ve been looking at scrap-busting projects and pondering which to take on.

Last Monday, I headed over to our new SCRAP Tri-Cities store for a volunteer orientation.  When the directors, Chrissa and Rachael, heard that I sew and make bags, they asked me if I’d like to contribute some bags to the ReBoutique in the store, with SCRAP and me splitting the proceeds.

On the drive home from the meeting, the idea for these bags was born.

This is the front of the larger bag (finished size 9″ x 11″):


And the back:


Everything used for these bags came from the stash.  I chose a multicolored print for the back and a coordinating zipper, then several fabrics for the patchwork on the front.  The size of the bag was determined by the length of the zipper I had on hand.

Here’s a pic of the inside:


There’s a small pocket in each one.  They’re just basically pillows without stuffing in them, which is my preferred way of making bag pockets–sew two squares together, turn, press, topstitch the top edge, then position on lining piece and stitch the other three sides.

Here’s the smaller bag (7″ x 9″):


I used the technique here to do the piecing and it is FUN.  You sew your center piece down onto a piece of muslin, then sew a scrap to one edge.  Flip, press, then repeat on another edge.  Once your muslin is covered, you just trim the block.  It’s a fun, quick technique and you can use up pretty small pieces, though strips obviously work better than squares.



The basic bag instructions are here, though I’m not completely satisfied with the way the zipper is put in . . . I want to experiment with zips that are longer than the opening and have a tab on the end so that the bag can be opened wider.


I’m really happy with these, though, and have lots of ideas cooking for different ways to make the next ones.