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Another UFO down!

Just to recap, this was a UFO from a long-ago hand applique quilting class.  I found it in a drawer with all the pieces cut and the first block almost finished and decided to finish it.  I wasn’t crazy about the blocks, but I did like doing the hand-sewing and thought I might like the quilt better when it was all assembled.  And I did.


I think my problem with the blocks was the pastel fabrics; as I recall, the quilt shop where I took this class had a less-than-amazing selection of suitable fabrics (read: NONE OF MY BELOVED BATIKS), so I had to do my best with what was available.  (Note to self:  if I ever take a quilting class again, do it at a store that carries batiks!)  I like the blocks much better when paired with the darker border.

Here’s the original quilt; it’s from the August 2001 issue of McCall’s Quilting and the design is by Kumiko Sudo.


I took the class because I liked the 3-D flowers in the design and I wanted to learn how to do needle-turn applique.

Verdict:  I doubt that I’ll ever do this kind of applique again.  It’s pretty fiddly and, even after doing this, I still don’t feel like I’m very good at it.


My mother, who took the class with me, finished her quilt long ago and was quite distressed at the . . . shall we say . . . gynecological look of some of the flowers.


I noticed it, too, and as I sewed, I thought about whether it would seem strange to me to have a vag-tastic quilt on my wall.



(Shamelessly stolen from the late, lamented Regretsy.)

The instructions recommended minimal quilting on this thing, so I hand-quilted around the flowers, did some stitch-in-the-ditch, and machine-quilted a simple ribbon pattern on the border.

I used this very cool thread that I bought for yet-another quilting class (and, yes, there’s a UFO for that class, too):


(Partner showed me how to use the macro setting on his fancy camera and I am loving it.  Shows all the cat hair super well.)

Here’s the back of the border where you can see the quilting:



I procrastinated on quilting this because I was a bit anxious after the last quilting I did, but I am really happy with how this turned out.


And so happy to have another UFO done!