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Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series in which we post seven-or-so pictures from our week.  See Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for more info.

Hoo boy, it has been a week of ups and downs here!

Last week, I got the exciting news that I won this adorable bag from La Cartera!  Monday, I received the bag and it is BEAUTIFUL!

More pics to come–I took it on an adventure this weekend.


Tuesday morning, I had this conversation with my honey:

Partner:  I’m going to pop ’round the doctor’s this morning about the [SCARY SYMPTOM] I’m having and feeling weird.  I told you about that, didn’t I?


Followed later by this conversation:

Me:  When you said you felt weird earlier, what did you mean by that?

Partner:  Oh, I just meant I’m having [SUPER SCARY SYMPTOM].


So I made cookies.


I totally get why people make food when somebody is sick.  Because 90% of diagnosing and treating an illness is actually sitting around waiting–for tests, test results, doctors, medications, whatever–so making food gives you something constructive to do (other than sitting around fretting) and it helps to nourish and strengthen the sick person (and all the people sitting around fretting with them).

He’s okay for the moment–both SCARY SYMPTOMS are almost gone–and more tests and visits to specialists are in the works.

For this week’s walk with my mother, we went to Zintel Canyon Park in Kennewick.  This was absolutely essential, as they’ve got a team of 200 goats there working on the landscaping.

Most of them seemed to be on their break when we were there.

Please enlarge:



Another thing I cooked this week was Kale and Pasta Salad, which I’m mostly posting because several people I know have asked me, “what do I do with this kale stuff?”

I put the kale in my colander, then pour my hot pasta over it to soften the greens a little.  Be warned if you make this recipe that it makes a TON.


Cats recharging their batteries:


This weekend, my partner and I are helping run a bike ride–riders choose a 400k route or a 600k one.  Beautiful ride through grasslands and wheat fields in mild weather, though the tailwind they had Saturday morning turned into a headwind in the afternoon and made these hills outside Starbuck pretty challenging.


Have a great week, everybody, and be sure to care for the people you love in whatever way you can.

(Oh, and Flickr is having some trouble with uploading, so I’ve just now finally got some extra pics from LAST week up there and can’t get this week’s pics to upload.  Will keep trying.)