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Okay, so I sort of have a bit of a problem with fabric scraps.

There’s this:


And then there’s this:


And there are three or four shoebox-size boxes of other colors.

Oh, and I almost forgot this bin in the closet:


This is not altogether a bad thing, since it means that I can always find an appropriate piece of fabric for a small project, like a bike bag or a sewing tool organizer.

I would like to make a dent in this, however, as it’s starting to feel a bit overwhelming and taking up a fair amount of space in my small sewing room.  I’m starting to have that slightly-frantic HELP TOO MUCH STUFF feeling in here.

Hence, this:


I saw this on someone’s blog (sorry, whoever it was, I don’t remember who you are to give you credit!), spotted the blue version with the hand embroidery and thought YES.

You have the option to just put a square of fabric in the center of each block, do hand or machine applique there, or embroider it.

Here are the fabrics I have in mind for the blocks:


And the setting triangles and binding will be made from the fabric I bought in Pendleton the other day:


I’m thinking about using the blocks to make a runner for my ginormous dining room table.

This is a great stashbusting project because you only need 1/4 to 1/3 yard of each of the six block fabrics, then you can use the blocks however you want, depending on what other fabric you have (fabric requirements here).

The BOM starts June 1 and goes for 5 months.  Fabric kits are available here.  Oh, and there’s a fabric giveaway here (closes Sunday, May 10).

Sign-up page is here.  Anybody interested in doing this with me?