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(Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series in which we share some photos from our week.  The ever-fabulous Natalie steers the Mother Ship.)

A busy week and another weekend away!

Monday, I took on my least favorite household task.  Behold this magnificence:


The good news is that I’ve finally found a pattern to make with that white embroidered cotton.  The bad news is that it involves this mess:


Partner asked me for a new cycling bag in the hope of having it for the weekend’s bike ride.  He likes to keep his brevet card, ID, cash, and phone in a simple zippered bag that he can grab when he gets off the bike to go in a store or restaurant.

Here’s his old one, which I made maybe a year ago:


He decided he wanted a black one out of a fabric with a little more body.  We found some in the stash and I used the tutorial that Beth recommended here.  I changed the dimensions and added a phone pocket to the front and loops for him to attach the nylon cord that he uses for a shoulder strap.  I used plain white broadcloth for the lining so that it would be easier to find things inside.


I would have liked to take more pictures, but he immediately grabbed it and stashed it in his bike stuff somewhere.  He and I were both very pleased with how it turned out.  Many thanks to Beth for the very handy tutorial!

On Friday, we headed to Kirkland (a suburb of Seattle) so that my honey could do a 400k ride on Saturday morning.

I am fairly certain that the fact that this “art” in our hotel room was bolted to the table is not the reason I didn’t sneak it into my purse and take it home with me.


Saturday I met up with my BFF Heidi and we spent some time wandering around Kirkland.

PLEASE enlarge these pics–you totally need turtles and baby ducks on a Monday.



On Sunday, we headed home, with a quick stop at Lake Easton State Park to check out their campground.


Yep, I guess that’ll do for next month’s camping trip.  😉

Have a great week, everybody, and get outside for a bit if you can.