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Happy Friday!

My Friday plan–less talking about sewing, more actual sewing.


Some tidbits that may be of some interest–

—  Flickr:  I’ve added a Flickr widget to the sidebar, and here’s the linky to my Flickr photostream.  Not much there yet, but I thought I would put extra photos there so that anybody who’s interested can go look, and those who aren’t interested don’t have to see them.  The Flickr pics will be mostly ones that I haven’t put up on the blog.

—  E-mail:  I need to figure out how to add this to the sidebar, too, but you can contact me at livingincolorblog@outlook.com.  Feel free to drop me a line and have a chat.

—  DIY skin care:  Way back in the mists of time, I did a couple of guest posts for a friend on how to make your own moisturizer and lip balm for sensitive skin.  These are sort of last-ditch recipes for people like me whose skin is so sensitive they can’t use anything else.  They’re easy and quick to make, but they aren’t as effective or as pleasant to use as commercially-made skin care products.  If you want to try them out, be sure to read the comments on the posts for more information and ideas on variations to try.  If you have comments to make, however, please make them here as I don’t think that blog is active any more.

—  Fabric sale:  Seattle-area crafty types, you might want to check out Seattle ReCreative’s big fabric sale this coming Sunday.  $1 a yard!  BOGO patterns!  Donate $5 to get in early!  Even if you don’t need fabric, they have materials for making mosaics, scrapbooking, woodworking, etc., etc.  If I weren’t 4 hours away, I would totally be there.

Have a great weekend, everybody, and make sure you make time for some fun stuff.