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(Sunday Sevens is a more-or-less weekly wrap-up of the week, including seven pictures more or less.  Natalie is our Fearless Leader.)

I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one, I’m afraid; I had a bad week, mood-wise, and didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do.  So I have more pics from the weekend (which was more interesting, anyway).

I’ve been working on putting my recipes into Evernote; it’s so great being able to search by the type of thing you want to make or the ingredient you need to use up.  The problem is I have a HELL of a lot of recipes to enter and the task is deathly boring.  Oy.


My honey wanted to do something nice for a friend of ours for all her work putting together the weekend’s bike ride, so I volunteered to shop for a present and came up with this:


It didn’t have a lining, though, (WHY) so of course I had to put one in, with a fancy divided pocket and everything.


(The tag that was on the bag had washing instructions, so I sewed it into the lining.)

I took my mother out for another walk this week along the Columbia, as for once there wasn’t much wind.


Here’s a close-up of the rather strange-looking plant we found growing there.


On Thursday afternoon, we headed down to Portland for my partner’s Fleche (French for arrow), a one-way team bike ride.  Each team designs their own route, but it must be a minimum of 360 kilometers, finish at a set location in Olympia, WA, and it must be completed within 24 hours.

On Friday morning, partner’s team set out and I drove to Olympia to meet them.

Friday afternoon was spent wandering around Olympia  (new word:  flanerie!) and taking pictures.



On Saturday morning, I walked down to the Farmers Market for a few treats (more lovely French words:  baguette, brie, croissant, andouille!) and more pictures at the garden there.


And I walked back to the hotel via the boardwalk.


The Fleche team finished their VERY wet ride right on time, which was followed by a meal and a long sleep.

This coming week, I’m hoping to finally do a post about my purple blouse–if the sun comes out long enough for some decent pictures–and start work on my green one.  Some mending also needs to happen before the pile teeters over . . . .

Have a great week, everybody, and take care of yourselves.


ETA:  Almost forgot!  Verdict on the cycling cap was that it was great, though, as expected, the cotton fabric was cold when it got wet.  A Gore-Tex version has been requested.  The idea of merino wool caps with the logo of our local randonneuring club has also been floated, but that will have to wait until said logo actually exists.  😉

ETA:  Cripes, I was out of it yesterday!  Just added the logo and link to the beautiful and talented Natalie.  I need another cup of coffee.