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(Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series in which we share seven or so pictures of the various things we did during the week.  You can blame it all on Natalie.)

Much sewing, much cleaning, and much exercising happened this week, so I’m feeling good about that.  Not enough getting outside happened, though, and I need to work on that one next week.

One of our lovely (if I do say so myself) dinners that happened this week:  a frittata with turkey sausage, lots of veg, and a little sharp cheddar.  Plus roasted potatoes!


Got together some things to go to Goodwill.  Since I took the picture, one more box for donation has been added to the stack, a BIG box of clothing has been Freecycled, and partner’s old desk chair has been listed on Freecycle.

I’m now at a weight where I fit most of my “fat” clothes AND most of my “thin” clothes, meaning I have way too many!  I decided to keep only the items that I love and that look good on me.  All the “it looks lousy on me but I spent way too much for it” and the “it used to fit me before my shape changed” and the “it looks great on the hanger but not on me” and the “it looks okay on me but it makes me feel frumpy” clothes got the boot.


Made the cycling cap muslin and it was a hit!


Two more caps have been requested.

Partner was kind of tickled by the idea of having a cycling cap made out of the kind of fabric your grandmother would have a couch covered in, so that’s the one on the right.  He also liked the lovely linen and picked out burgundy thread and bias tape for it.


On Friday evening we took a walk in Howard Amon Park in Richland.

Some of the trees are in bloom . . .


and some are just leafing out.


We didn’t do any sort of big Easter thing, just spent the day being lazy and taking a nap.


Bonus shot of Pooh yelling:


And I think I’m in danger of falling deeply and dangerously in love with the cool camera my partner loaned me (used for the tree and cat pics here).  He may not be getting that back for a while.

Have a happy holiday if you’re celebrating one today.  And have an excellent week, everybody.