Can you tell I’ve been thinking about how to write clickable post titles?


Anyway, I’m happy to report that I finished the fleece jacket UFO (Unfinished Object) that I mentioned a while ago.

Here’s the before:


Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture of me wearing it, because if I did, you would know immediately why I stuffed it into a plastic grocery bag and jammed it into the bottom drawer of my sewing room dresser.


The pattern has dropped shoulders, which are not a great look for me.  I have rounded shoulders anyway, so further reducing the definition at the shoulder line just makes me look droopy and sort of like I’m slowly melting.

In addition, the facings weren’t lying flat and the collar was all puffy, adding a really unfortunate hunchback look to the already-fabulous blob thing.

So I took the sleeves off and moved the seam up 3 inches to where my shoulder actually is.  I then topstitched the collar and front edge to flatten them out.  I didn’t want to distract from the leaf print, so I slip-stitched the front and back facings down rather than topstitching them.

The after:


(I experimented with the tripod and camera timer today.  This is my “I DARE YOU TO MENTION MY CRAPPY PHOTOGRAPHY” pose.)




The cats approve!

I don’t have any closures on there, but it occurred to me as I was writing this that I’ve seen big snaps in various colors, so that might be an option . . . frankly, I can’t think of anything more miserable (and doomed to failure) than trying to get my sewing machine to do buttonholes on two layers of fleece.

I still think it’s a bit dorky-looking as a jacket (and I’m looking at these pics and thinking maybe I should reassess the fit once I get the snaps on), but I’ve been really enjoying wearing it during our chilly mornings the last few weeks.  It’s super soft, cuddly, and warm, and works really well as sort of a cardigan for around the house.

So a new cuddly jacket AND I have this bulky project out of my overstuffed dresser AND I have all the pins back that were holding the hem up.


And BTW, I’ve been trying to remember how long ago I started this jacket.  The pattern is from 1998 and I have a horrible suspicion that the project might be nearly that old, too.  YIKES.