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Just a quick note about this bag I made for my sister’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.


I made her a bag for Christmas, which was well-received, so I thought I’d make her another for her birthday and maybe also make a small dent in my rather massive stash of blue fabric scraps.

The pattern I used was this free one, which was clear and well-written.  I did run into some problems, but they were pretty much of my own making, not the pattern’s.

First problem:  I sewed my strips of fabric together and I was happy with it, and everything was fine, then I noticed this:


And I remembered hearing from a quilting teacher way back when that when you sew strips, you should alternate the directions you sew in.

It would be REALLY NICE if I could remember these things BEFORE I screw stuff up, instead of afterwards.


So I threw it in the washer, then pulled it out and pressed and stretched and massaged it into more of a rectangle shape.  In the end it was much better, certainly good enough to use for the bag, though not perfect.

Second problem:  I am not great at quilting and I should really stick to simpler quilting patterns.  But I wanted to do this loopy design I found in one of my quilting books–the stripes were just so . . . LINEAR . . . and I wanted something to break that up a little.


So the quilting is acceptable but not great and the curves aren’t smooth and I don’t even want to talk about it.

No, you’re not getting a close-up.  Yes, I am grumpy about it.

In the end, I was moderately happy with the bag, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations or the vision I had in my head when I started.

Oh, well.  On to other projects . . . .