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(Sunday Sevens is a weekly post series with seven or so pics of things you’ve been up to that don’t merit a whole blog post.)

It felt like a week full of transitions and adjustments here, with travel plans being reconsidered, and spring giving way to summer (maybe).

On Sunday, I had to do an emergency repair on a certain bear’s most favoritest toy.  Obviously the most important project of the week.


I spent what felt like forever basting lines in shifty cotton fabric for pleats.  Many, many lines.


I found this book that I had forgotten about and studied up a bit.  Partner helped with some diagrams and helpful advice.  And loaned me his camera!  Must get out for a walk this week and try it out.


We had every type of weather except snow this week–a thunderstorm, frost, high winds with blowing dust, record high temperatures . . . .  I hauled out my bins of summer clothing and I’m trying to figure out what to do about it; can I store away my fleece?  should I unpack my tank tops?

While I work on that problem, I put away our comforter and got the spring linens on the bed . . .


. . . and switched to my summer purse.


(Both are made from this pattern, which I seriously love.  Super pattern and great bag.)

I took my mother out for another walk on Thursday, and we literally walked to the end of the road.


I had lots of the cooking mojo this week and was really happy with what I made (with the result that I ate too much, but there’s no need to get into that).

Last night’s dinner was Moroccan Grilled Kefta with leftover brown rice and Spanish Romesco Sauce from the chicken I grilled earlier in the week.  (It was quite an international meal, come to think of it, because we had naan bread with the Kefta, too.)


My plan for today–in addition to cooking another fabulous dinner–is to get the purple blouse done or close to it.  In addition to all the sewing projects I wrote about yesterday, I’ve had a request for a custom cycling cap, so there’s plenty of crafting to be done.

Have a creative week, everybody!