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So I have been informed by my bestest BFF that she requires MOAR SEWING PLZ.  And I know I require something a little bit more fun after yesterday’s super-icky post.

So here’s what I’ve got cooking in my brain regarding what I want to make next.  I don’t think I want to use the word “plan” for any of this, though, as I seem to fall in and out of love with sewing ideas pretty quickly.  I make a plan, then I have an idea, or I see a nifty new pattern, and there goes the plan.  So I’m calling this a bunch of ideas, which may or may not happen sometime in the future, unless I get distracted by a shiny object . . . .

THIS one I know is going to happen, as I’ve been working on it all week.


I saw this pattern last fall and grabbed it immediately.  The fabric is a gauzy crinkled cotton with embroidery.  Nice weight and drape for a summer top, but not as loosely woven as most cotton gauze, and it’s been in the stash approximately forever.  I’m making the pleated version with the collar, but with the straight hem.

Then I want to make a sleeveless shirt with this kelly green “linen look” fabric.


I think the little tucks in this pattern just look great in a solid color fabric.

I made this pattern last summer out of a cotton pique and I really like it.  What I’m thinking about doing is making the facings–front, collar, and collar band–out of the contrast fabric so that you just get little peeks of it.  I’d also like to make the armhole binding with the contrast if there’s enough of it.

I also may use this seersucker to make a shirt with the same pattern.  I’m not sure, though; I’ve got 2 yards of this one, so I have more options . . . I do like the idea of using this super-goofy fabric (it reminds me of the flowers in “Yellow Submarine”) to make a serious tailored shirt.

(Cripes, I was in a hurry to take these pics before my camera’s battery died, and I’ve managed to get the camera cord in two of three pictures so far.  Now that’s some quality photography.)


Then there’s this stuff, more embroidered cotton, that I bought last summer.  I’m wanting to do something like this with it, but with short sleeves if possible.


This is one of my older patterns–for almost 20 years this has been sitting in the stash!

The sun came out and I was able to get a better shot of the embroidery on the fabric.


(I have no idea why I have all this long gray fluff on all my clothing.  It’s a mystery.)

And finally, I want to make a simple top with this chiffon-y stuff I bought in Seattle.  The one I have in mind is the black and white one in the drawing, basically a loose tee with a wide neckline and split sleeves.  I went for the simplest style I could find in order to show off the huge, gorgeous pattern (and also because I haven’t sewn with this kind of fabric before and I’m expecting it to be a challenge).  I have a similar fabric in the stash that I’ll use for a muslin to practice on.


So what do you think?  Do you have other, better ideas?  Tips for sewing with chiffon?  I’m pretty sure that’s polyester, though I’ll do a burn test on that and the green stuff to try and pin it down a little better.