You know, I USED to have a very sensible rule about not sewing to meet a deadline.  This rule has now been completely discarded, apparently, and so I found myself working on my sister’s birthday present at 1:00 this morning (i.e., the morning of her actual birthday) and actually doing the last top stitching about an hour ago.


Anyway, that’s done, so I now have the time to blog about . . . something else.


I’ve been needing a new organizer thingie for all the sewing tools I keep next to my sewing machine.

Here’s what I had before.  Brace yourself.


Yeah, it’s an office desk organizer and it just wasn’t working.  The boxes were too deep, so I was constantly taking everything out just to find little things like my sewing machine screwdriver; it also didn’t have enough compartments and everything was jumbled together.  Plus, it had a severe lack of cute and colorful and spring-y.


So I made myself a new one, using this pattern from Sew Together on Craftsy.  The fabrics here are all from the stash, and include some of my beloved Laurel Burch fabric.

The pattern was well-written and clear, with good diagrams.  A couple of things could have been clearer, such as which way to fold the pockets (I had to read on ahead to figure out how they were going to be used).  And I don’t quite get sewing the pocket dividers first, THEN checking to see if your tools will fit in them.  Hmmm . . . .



I love the finished organizer, and am really enjoying being able to see and find everything I use regularly.  I’m not crazy about the way the poster board used to stiffen the organizer shows at the top, but I think I’ll slip stitch the edges together to hide it.  I’ll have to remove the stitching when I wash it, but this isn’t the kind of item you’re going to be washing very often, so I can live with it.

Now on to more cute and colorful and spring-y projects.  I have lots of ideas cooking . . . .