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I spent most of my time this week working on a present for my sister’s birthday, but here are a few pictures of the other stuff that’s been going on here.

Okay, this is totally cheating, because I’m sure I’ll blog about this at some point.  But on Monday I was tired and nursing a sore foot from too much exercising, so I didn’t do much except sit and work on this UFO from a class I took years ago.  It’s a hand applique quilt block with an interesting 3D look that I like.


(The quilt’s not even done, but I’m already regretting those dark pencil marks.  Several-years-ago-me, what were you thinking?)

Tuesday’s dinner was this hash with turkey sausage, broccoli, and spinach; I topped it with chopped tomatoes and green onion and shredded sharp cheddar.  Technique is here.


Me stylin’, as per usual.


From Thursday’s walk with my mother in Columbia Park.


Friday’s task was to make cookies for my honey’s Saturday randonnee, which just happened to fall on Pi Day.  So I made cookies with filling, the closest I could get to portable pie he could eat with his hands.


Any kind of jam would work in these; I pulled some homemade Rum Raisin Apple Butter and peach-blueberry jam out of the freezer and used those.

Early Saturday, my partner headed out for his (rainy, windy, AND hilly!) ride, while I met up with my bestest BFF for a day of fun.

First we headed to Seattle ReCreative, looking for craft bargains.  Oh, what a fun place!  Lots of random and interesting odds and ends there for all sorts of creative endeavors, plus room for classes and kids’ activities.  If you don’t mind a little digging, there are a lot of treasures there.

I was in the mood for a splurge, and came out of there with a bag of fabric:


Can you tell I’ve been longing for bright, spring-y fabrics?

(Not shown is a dark blue crinkled rayon maxi skirt that’s going to be cut up and refashioned.)

I got about 10 yards of fabric for $11–that’s my kind of splurge right there.

Next was a massive diner brunch, then on to Woodland Park Zoo, where we obviously failed to impress this very handsome family of lions.


After yet another huge brunch this morning (I have definitely exceeded my quota of hash browns this weekend), honey and I headed home.

Have a wonderful week, folks, and find the time to connect with a friend if you can.