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Woohoo!  Hello March, you lovely springy thing you!  The sun is out (okay, it’s about 16 degrees F here this morning, but STILL) and we survived the dreaded February!

(More power to you if you like February, but I always find it a difficult and depressing month.)

I spent a lot of time this week trying my damnedest to finish the two projects hanging over my head, my partner’s vest and the dress pattern testing, but OF COURSE there were unforeseen problems, and they’re both still in the hated “almost finished except for X” space.

Other exciting stuff I did:

I am trying to sneak a few more vegetarian dinners past the Resident Carnivore, and this one was a hit:  Crispy Black Bean Quinoa Burritos.  (Note to cilantro haters:  I didn’t use any in this and it wasn’t really needed, so don’t let that deter you.)


On Tuesday I took my mother out for another walk by the Columbia River.


Bonus shot of random urban ruins along the path (which I think used to be a railroad trestle):


I took a break from working on the Vest From Hell and picked out some fabrics for a sewing tool organizer.  I needs me some bright spring colors!


Thursday’s dinner was this chicken dish, loosely based on this recipe for Greek Inspired Steak and Rice.  I used the marinade, but added some fresh green beans.


Partner did his first official brevet* ride of the season on Saturday, so that required more cookies.  I always try to choose cookies for him that have something in them–whole grains, nuts, etc.–to keep him fueled longer, and these were perfect.

Hard to make brown lumps look sexy in a photo, though.


I found this UFO in a drawer while looking for something else, and it came THIS CLOSE to becoming quilt batting.  The collar is weird and bulky, and the shoulders are way too wide, giving me a sort of linebacker look.


But then I tried it on this morning.

And if there’s another garment in the world that is this soft, cuddly, and warm, I’ve never encountered it.

So I’m going to try and rescue it.

AFTER I finish that damn vest and test dress.



Have a great week, everybody, and I wish you courage in the face of obstacles (and UFOs).


*  Bit of background here:  the type of cycling partner does is called Randonneuring, and it’s long-distance, non-competitive, self-supported riding on a set course with controls that you have to verify you’ve been to.  A brevet (“badge,” more or less, in French) is a scheduled ride that is sanctioned by the randonneuring organization of your country (Randonneurs USA here) and is at least 200 kilometers (120 miles) long.

Because this type of cycling was invented in France, it involves a lot of rules and paperwork.  😉