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Just a quick one, then I need to get some sleep–busy day today!

Took a walk with my mother on Tuesday in Columbia Park.  So happy to see the sun again–it’s been a while.


Bonus shot of geese because GEESE:


I’ve been working (slowly) on finishing my partner’s vest this week, but I’m having a terrible time getting motivated to do it.  I am the worst at actually finishing things.  😦


Lately all I’ve wanted to eat are things in the category of “saucy chicken on rice.”  The latest entry in this category:  Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Great dish to make when you REALLY want takeout, but also REALLY want to eat a little healthier than that.  Not at all quick, but not bad nutrition-wise if you serve it with brown rice and stir-fried veg, as I did.


Plumbing woes.  Less said about that, the better.


From another walk, this time on Thursday by myself at Chamna Nature Preserve.  I love all the textures and colors in this picture.


I’m craving spring vegetables, so this plate of veg was my contribution to Sunday’s get-together in Portland to discuss Paris-Brest-Paris plans.  I also made Green Goddess Dressing to dip the veg in and it was SO GOOD–so fresh and herby.

I also learned a new trick:  when homemade mayo breaks, put an egg yolk or two plus a teaspoon of cold water into a bowl (or blender), then pour the broken mayo into the bowl very slowly while beating.  It saved my dressing!


Shot of Columbia Gorge on the way to Portland this morning.  Beautiful, beautiful day once we got out of the freezing fog at our house.


Bonus shot of that lovely blue sky:


Okay, so it’s Sunday Nines.  Whatever.  😉

Have a great week and hang in there–spring is coming.