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Busy week here, with both of us sick early in the week, then the Bike Swap in Seattle today.


Just a small portion of the stuff to take to the Bike Swap–half our living room was taken over by gear (and gears!)


Recipe here; I used whole wheat flour, turkey pepperoni and sausage, and part-skim ricotta and mozzarella for these.


I got a very polite kick in the butt from the designer of the pattern I promised to test–must finish that this week!


Partner had previously asked me to remove the pocket from this bike bag, then he asked me to put it back on so he could sell the bag at the Swap.  Out came the big needle (which I promptly broke), thimble, and pliers.  Not my most favorite kind of sewing.


I grew up in the ’70s watching musicals–how is it that I never even heard of this one?  Someone on Tumblr recommended it to me, but I couldn’t even imagine what a musical about the Declaration of Independence would be like.  It turned out to be surprisingly fun.  Yeah, it was made in the ’70s, so there’s some orange-y makeup and Liberace-esque wigs, but how can you beat a movie that has Thomas Jefferson with writer’s block because he’s, um, missing his wife?


Apple pasty–part of our Saturday night dinner in Seattle.

Bonus tourist shot:



A few bits from our very successful Bike Swap!

Have a great week, everybody.