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So I thought I might try something a little different and start doing a Sunday Sevens post every week.  The idea–and thank you to threadsandbobbins.com for starting this–is to take a picture every day and post them together at the end of the week as a way of sharing a little bit more about your life than what you choose to write blog posts about.  I thought it would be a fun way to get some photography practice while sharing some hopefully interesting bits and pieces from life over here.

Because I’m doing this whole blogging business for fun, and rules tend to make things a bit less fun, I’m going to be flexible about the whole taking-exactly-one-picture-a-day thing.  And if the only thing I accomplish in doing this is to firmly establish how utterly boring my life is, I’ll stop doing it.

So here we go.

Early in the week, I finished the last big section of quilting on my travel bag pieces (this is the “before” shot–scroll down for the “after”).


Here’s Pooh, wiped out by a full night of sleeping on the bed with us, getting some much-needed rest on the back of the couch.  (Peeking out from under the fluff is a quilt I made several years ago from Laurel Burch flannel.)


I took my mother out for a walk on Thursday morning.  This is Howard Amon Park in Richland, WA.  Columbia River on the left.


I don’t think the best food stylist in the world could make Butter Chicken look sexy, but it sure tasted good (recipe for Butter Paneer is here; I subbed chicken breast and some veg for the cheese).


Shelby playing with one of her ten million little pieces of fabric.


On Saturday, my honey and I drove part of a cycling route he’s developing for a ride in March.  This is outside Hermiston, OR.  Look–blue sky!


The gray day has leached the green color out of my fabric, but I wanted to show the quilting on this.  This is the side of the travel bag with the zippers in.  Why do I always stress out about zippers even though they always go in just fine?

Oy, brains are troublesome things.


Have a great week, everybody.  I hope you have some sunshine wherever you are.