I’m behind a bit on my Blogging 101 homework, as I didn’t feel well last week and didn’t get nearly as much done on anything as I had planned.  So I’m going to try to catch up on that this week, as well as post something on the progress I did make on my current sewing projects.

So one of our homework assignments was to write a post directed at our “dream reader.”  My first thought was that my dream reader is ME, and I’m essentially writing for the purpose of self-expression.  The thing is, though, that the reason I need this blog to express myself is that I’ve never found a place where I really feel I fit in.

I live in Washington state.  Not the Seattle-area Washington that you know from TV and movies, the cool urban hub with the pine trees and lattes and Space Needle and Jimi Hendrix.  This is the dry eastern part of the state where the wheat and corn is grown, there are a lot of churches and guns, and Republicans outnumber Democrats two to one.  White middle-aged women here are married to their high school sweethearts, bake cookies for their kids’ bake sales, get pedicures, and go shopping and watch reality TV for fun.  And here I am, a white middle-aged woman, trained as a scientist, who wears muddy hiking boots or purple clogs, goes to anti-war demonstrations, has never married or had kids, doesn’t watch TV, and lives (IN SIN) with a foreigner (!) and travels with him whenever we can, largely for the purpose of him riding his bike for hundreds of miles in (typically) awful weather.

So I write for me, and for the peer group that I know is out there somewhere, all the weird women who aren’t at all what their mothers thought they would be.  Ideally, I would like to build a little community here of interesting, thoughtful, creative people who do their own thing regardless of whether it’s cool.  And what I’d like to talk about is:  what are you making these days?  what about that is interesting to you?  how have you solved some of the problems you ran into?  what are you going to make next?