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Whew!  Xmas is over and we all lived to tell the tale!


I had my doubts.  After all, I committed to making all my presents, THEN decided to host my mother and sister for Xmas dinner while planning an overambitious menu.  But I just kept reminding myself of what I’ve pulled off in the past:  the year that my partner called a few days before to tell me he’d picked up four additional “strays” for Xmas dinner, the year that I had two glasses of mulled wine on an empty stomach and cooked a beautiful dinner while sloshed . . . .

But I pulled it off.  A lovely dinner and all the presents got finished.

On Friday, I pulled out the box with the unfinished quilt for my partner.  I’ve had this sitting around for a couple of years while I worked on it at an absolutely glacial pace.  This is how far I had gotten with it:


So three line drawings of bicycles to trace, four to embroider, the quilt top to assemble, and quilting and binding to be done.  Luckily, my honey was out of town for most of the weekend, so I sat down and did nothing but embroider and sew all weekend.


The embroidery designs were from here, though it looks like the set no longer includes the penny farthing.  I enlarged them a bit on a copier, then taped each to a window and traced it to the muslin with a mechanical pencil.  I embroidered them mostly in backstitch with a single strand of floss, but used a 2-strand lazy daisy stitch for the tires.  The base fabric was muslin, and I backed all four pieces with Sulky Soft ‘n’ Sheer stabilizer; instead of cutting it away at the end, I left the stabilizer intact, as the muslin was fairly sheer.


The quilt pattern I used was this one, though I reduced the number of blocks so that my quilt would be a good size for hanging on the wall (about 27″ square).

I had forgotten how long it takes to hand sew a quilt binding, but I finally got the quilt finished on the evening of Xmas eve and had enough time to quickly sew up my mother’s “scoodie” before I went to bed that night (no pictures of the scoodie, unfortunately).


Even with the time pressure, this embroidery was so fun to do!  And my partner loved his new quilt–he’s already got a spot on his office wall where he wants it to go.  My sister was very happy with her new bag, too!

And I’m now on to new projects, of course.  More on that soon.

Happy New Year!


UPDATE:  The designer of my bicycle embroidery pattern is having a sale on her patterns and other items until 11:00 p.m. (UK time) on December 31.  Up to 50% off!  (I have no financial interest in her shop, other than that I really like her work and really enjoy saving money.)