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Happy Monday, everybody.  I hope a good weekend was had by all and that those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a fun, low-stress day.

My partner and I had our Thanksgiving meal at a local hotel buffet, as we’ve done for the past few years, and this time we were joined by my mother and sister.  Nice food and conversation and all the beef and gravy that my carnivorous roomie could eat.  He and I took a walk along the Columbia River afterward, then headed home for mulled wine and a nap.  Not a bad day.

On Saturday morning, we headed south toward Portland.  The plan was to meet up with some cycling friends in the afternoon, partner and friends would go off for an evening bike ride, then we’d all get back together for brunch on Sunday morning.  Our van had a different plan for the weekend.  We made it about halfway, then turned around and came home, as we weren’t sure the van would survive the whole trip.  Major bummer, but at least it meant that we didn’t have to share the scones I had made for the brunch.


Those are cheddar and chive on the right, cranberry on the left.  I used half all-purpose unbleached flour and half white whole wheat flour to make them, and I added the zest of an orange to the cranberry ones, but other than that I stuck to the recipes.  The dough for the sweet scones was awfully soft, and I didn’t add the extra flour suggested in the recipe, so they spread out a little in the oven.  Both scone versions were great, though, and we really enjoyed them with our own little Sunday brunch at home.


On the sewing front, I’m close to finishing up the pattern testing project.  The fit needs a little tinkering first, though.  (I have a post slow-cooking in my head that has to do with fit issues and my own apparently-very-unique ones.)  Here’s a preview:


I actually had to break down and purchase fabric for this, which offended my cheapskate and stash-busting sensibilities NO END, but the fabric was on sale at Joann’s and I had a coupon, so that’s okay, I guess?  That’s my story, anyway.

I also took a break from that project last week to whip up a long-sleeved tee-shirt using Butterick 5948 and the red knit fabric I got through Freecycle.


Here it is with a jacket I picked up several years ago from a Coldwater Creek outlet store (still grieving the loss of that store–sigh).

After all the complicated projects I’ve been working on lately, I was dying to make something that was actually QUICK AND EASY.  You know, something that I actually had enough fabric for.  So that’s what this was.  I cut it too big, but it was easily trimmed down later.  I kept it big enough and long enough that I can either wear it as a tunic or tucked into bottoms for layering.

The neckline is a bit wonky–one of these days I need to buckle down and actually learn some things about sewing knits–but it’s soft and cuddly, and it was actually quick and easy, so I’m happy with it.