Hi all.

I’ve got a new project that I’m excited about–I’m testing a pattern from a new designer!  Oooh, it makes me feel like a real blogger and everything!  And look at the fabric I pulled from my stash for it:


Wait, what?  What are those sparkly gold dots?  Was this used as a dropcloth?

I’m actually going to use the wrong side as my right side (as quilters like to say, you paid for both sides of the fabric).


That’s better!  It’s another batik-style shirtweight cotton, which should work well for this pattern.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to cut a thing yet.  The pattern only goes up to a size 14, so I’m grading it up two sizes at the bust, three at the hips.  And adding seam allowances.  And this is not a simple design.

So, it has been something of a . . . project so far.


Thank goodness Shelby is here to help.  She’s just fascinated by any sewing-related activity.  She sat and watched intently the whole taping-and-tracing process last night.  At some point, I decided to take a break and went into the other room for a while.  I heard her squeaking from her post on the table and assumed she was calling our other cat, Pooh, to come play with her, as she often does.

When I came back to finish the tracing, though, there was Shelby on the table waiting and Pooh was nowhere to be found.  And I realized she had been calling ME to come back and continue the pattern-tracing game with her.

This is a cat who loves her sewing.

Okay, back to grading.  Wish me luck.