PJs are done!


My plan changed a bit on this one.  I had originally planned on using an old pattern from the stash.


I decided it was too boring of a pattern for my fabulous flannel, though, so I picked up Simplicity 2481 when Joann’s had it on sale for $ .99.  Even a cheapskate like me can swing that.

I was worried about fit on these because the pattern is unisex, so I spent extra time checking the tissue and altering as needed.  I cut a straight large, but I shortened the sleeves, top, and pants (7″!) and that worked out really well.  I also did a lot of basting and trying on at each step of construction, and it paid off.  The rise on the pants wound up being too long, so I took off 2″ at the waist; I probably could have taken off another inch, but I decided to see how they wear first.  I can always remove more later if needed.

Cutting these out was tricky; I wound up not having enough of the pink pig flannel, so I dug through the stash and found a dark pink flannel that matched the pigs nearly perfectly.  (When I bought the pig flannel, was my plan to make shorts pajamas?  The fabric has been in my stash for several years at least, so I have no idea.)  And I had to seam the front and back down the middle, rather than cutting on the fold.  On the plus side, there’s very little left of the two fabrics I used, so there’s a bit more room in the sewing room closet now.


(Please note the flannel sheets on the bed in the pic above.  We are ALL FLANNEL ALL THE TIME in this house.)

The only changes I made in the construction were to do flat felled seams on the most noticeable seams and to bind the neck edge and sleeves with a quilt-type binding rather than using bias tape on the neck and making narrow hems on the sleeves.  ‘Cause if you’re gonna use two coordinating fabrics, you gotta bind one with the other, right?

As for the sewing machine miracle, I still can’t quite believe it.  I tipped the machine over the other day to get the model number, and realized when I tested it later that there was less resistance.  Okay, so then what happens if I tip it over some more?  PROBLEM SOLVED.  Obviously, I must have dislodged whatever was jamming it, and it works fine for the moment.  Who knows how long it will stay that way, but I’m so happy to be sewing again!