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Happy Monday, everybody.  My week has gotten off to a productive start with some chores around the house and taking my partner’s van in for service this morning.  I’m trying to get outside more to enjoy the mild fall weather while we have it, so I’m planning on a walk this afternoon.

Friday was partner’s birthday. and I wanted to sew him something special.  The initial plan was to make him a cycling jacket, as he’d admired this one at Universal Cycles and mentioned how great it would be in wool.  He nixed that idea, though, as more fuss than he thought I should put into his birthday, so I made him a bike mascot for his new recumbent instead.


The pattern was originally meant for making a doorstop, but I printed it out at 1/3 size to make about a 3″ tall mascot of wool felt.  It’s mostly hand-sewn, though I did get frustrated about halfway through sewing the body and sewed the main seam with my machine.  I was trying to backstitch it for a secure seam, but the black embroidery floss just sank into the wool and I couldn’t tell where one stitch ended and the next began.  And you can’t see much of it in this picture, but I sewed two strips of felt into the side seams; they overlap at the back of the post and secure the cat with Velcro.

I have nothing but respect for people who make tiny, precise little dolls and stuffed toys because, boy, that is SO not my thing.  I named this mascot “Wonky Cat” in my head as I was working on it (apologies to Elton John and also to anyone who happens to acquire an unfortunate earworm as a result of this sentence) because everything about it is a little bit off and screwy.  And that’s AFTER much seam ripping and re-sewing.  The combination of bad eyesight, sewing tiny little things, and last week’s sky-high anxiety levels does not make for the best sewing results.  Still, I like how it came out and so did partner.


Wonky Cat was accompanied by chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and excellent Indian food from the new restaurant down the road from our house.


Nothing fancy there, just a simple, delicious cake for the chocolate lover in the house.  The recipe is here; I made a quarter recipe, which yielded 7 cupcakes, a perfect number for the two of us.

In other sewing news, I finally finished my pajama top yesterday, but the pants are currently stalled at about 3/4 finished.  I was sewing the crotch seam when my sewing machine just stalled.  I unthreaded it and cleaned and oiled it, but there must be something jamming it deep inside the machine–it will sew, if you floor it, but there’s way too much resistance at the same point on every stitch.  Very, very discouraging.  Depression and anxiety are hanging over my head these days, and sewing is what I’ve been relying on to keep my spirits up.  And I really can’t spare the cash to take the machine in for service.  So I’m researching to see if I can try to fix it myself.

In the meantime, I’ve got some hand sewing to do, and I spent some time on Saturday night cutting new pattern pieces from the jumper I’m restyling for my next FESA project.  Another tricky project, as I came to the conclusion that I needed to cut the bodice from one pattern and the skirt from another.  I swear, for my next project I’m going to make something that I actually have enough fabric for; I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Have an excellent day, folks.