Well, I’m sorry to say that the green FESA blouse isn’t going to get finished.  I haven’t thrown it out–hope springs eternal, don’t it?–but it just became clear it wasn’t going to work.  It always takes me a while to give up on things, and this time it took until the blouse was finished except for the front bands.

The project was trouble from the start.  I had less of the green linen than I thought, so I decided to cut the neck and front bands from a lovely cream linen that I’ve been trying to find a home for.  Then I tried on the blouse when the major seams were basted and discovered that, not only was this thing HUGE on me, but there was no way I could wear that fabric for any length of time–the itching would have driven me to murder in no time.  So I took the blouse in by many inches and cut a cotton muslin lining using the altered pieces as a pattern.


I kept seeing problems during construction, but I kept going until I finally had to accept that the pattern just doesn’t work for me, at least in that fabric.  The lining reduced the drape of the linen, making the sleeves look lumpy.  The length of the blouse hit me at exactly the wrong place.  The overall effect was of a green linen cube–not a great look.

I would like to try this one again someday, but it’s going to need a soft, drapey fabric and some serious alterations to the pattern.  Not something I’m going to take on right now.

So time to move on to my partner’s fleece cycling jersey, as the mornings are getting cool here and he’s once again wearing warmer clothes to ride.  I’ll be happy to get that UFO out of my stash.


On the plus side, I had a brainstorm this week and remembered Freecycle.  My weight is creeping down–pound by hard-fought pound–and pretty soon I’m going to be out of pants I can wear.  But I don’t have a lot of fabric that’s appropriate for pants, especially the Colette pattern I won.  Well, why not look for some fabric on Freecycle?  God knows there are always sewers with extra fabric they know they’ll never use.  So I put up a request and should have some fabric to pick up next week.  W00T!  I’m so looking forward to this!