This blouse is the result of me being stubborn as hell and also being really in love with playing around with sewing ideas in my head.

I just recently got back into sewing clothes for myself after a hiatus of several years and, being me, it’s become my obsession.  So I found this set of fat quarters and matching buttons in my stash and, instead of doing the sensible thing and using them for a quilt, I was determined to make them into a blouse.  Because MATCHING BUTTONS, people.  Obviously these fat quarters must be a blouse with MATCHING BUTTONS.


So I set them out in my sewing room and had a lot of fun kicking around ideas and searching for patterns that might work.  I wanted to use as many of the fabrics as I could, but I was determined to avoid a patchwork-y “craft project” sort of look.

I wound up choosing BurdaStyle pattern 137.  Since I’d never used a Burda pattern before, I made a muslin and I’m really glad I did–despite cutting the blouse a size bigger than I thought I needed based on my measurements, it was much too small.  I increased the ease enough that I was able to eliminate the side zipper, while also shortening the length and the length of the sleeves.

To make the blouse, I pieced several of my fabrics and cut the bodice from the pieced fabric, then used a complementary fabric for the rest of the blouse.  I used one button at the neckline and sewed the other three below the bodice as an accent.



I’m pretty happy with the fit on this, though I think the sleeves could stand to be shortened a bit more because of the stiffness of the cotton, and the slit at the neckline is a little longer than I’m comfortable with.  It reminds me a bit of an artist’s smock, so what I might do about the peekaboo problem is to wear the blouse over a turtleneck when it gets cold here.  I may also make this again in a fabric with more drape; it’s really a pretty style, I think.  I have to say, though, that I’m glad I didn’t try any Burda patterns when I was a n00b sewer, or I probably would have given up sewing then and there.  The instructions were largely useless.

It wasn’t until after I had this well underway that I learned about the Fat Quarter Challenge.  Ha!  Yep, great minds.  I do recommend taking up the challenge if you like quilting cottons and lots of color; this was a really fun exercise in creativity.