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Busy day here, with many things I want to get done before we leave for Portland tomorrow.  Doing my best to push through, despite my arthritis and other pain slowing me down today.  Sigh.


Pooh, Laundry Assistant Bear, hard at work.

So, some random stuff:

— If you’re interested at all in atheism as a movement, you should definitely read this excellent article about atheism’s sexism problem.  There’s a widening split in the movement, with some really smart, brave feminists on one side, and MRAs, libertarian trolls, rape apologists, and other assorted asshats on the other.  And, much to my disappointment, some big names are allying themselves with the asshats, including Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.  Luckily, we have allies like Greta Christina, PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson on the feminist side.  And when I get discouraged, I re-read this essay by Laurie Penny.

— In a more pleasant vein, my last two dinners have been killer, and, hey, all hail to people who write kick-ass recipes.  First was this recipe for Maple-Mustard Chicken Thighs; I was reading the reviews (I came there from the Cooking Light magazine site and I have not had good luck with their recipes) and one of them mentioned that the marinade would probably be great with pork.  A light bulb went off in my head and I couldn’t get the pork loin out of my freezer and into that marinade fast enough.

Last night’s dinner was this Garlic Butter Mushroom Risotto.  Because we only do brown rice in my house (seriously, I have never in my life cooked white rice), I used that and my homemade chicken stock.  NOM.  I also sauteed some sliced chicken breast and fresh green beans with the shrooms (just used regular button shrooms).  Looking forward to making this again later in the fall as cold-weather comfort food.  Many of our favorite recipes come from that site and she’s come up with another winner.

—  To do:  will post soon on the project I’m working on for a Burda contest.  I also have a fat quarter project to post about.